Prayer Ministry


To serve the body of FBC Trenton and her guests by praying with and for her members.  Seeking to entreat the work of the Holy Spirit among and within the church body by joyful, regular and sacrificial prayers of thanks, confession, petition and praise.  Members of the church gather together before, during and after Sunday services to ask the Holy Spirit prayerto move in the hearts and lives of the congregants and servants of the church.
This ministry elevates the value of time spent in the presence of God.  It encourages honest communication with God and the sincere pursuit of his work in our hears.  Regular, thoughtful, and theologically sound prayers will promote both trust in the identity believers have received in Christ and remembrance of God’s promises and faithfulness to those whom he has called.


  • A cultural shift within the church body toward being personally identified and publicly know as a people of prayer who value and practice prayer often, both personally and corporately.
  • Produce knowledgeable, humble and experienced disciples who can encourage and teach others in matters of prayer; being rooted in the Word of God and kept by the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit.
  • For all believers and observers to have greater trust in the Lord through experiencing his faithfulness in the lives of his worshipers.